Welcome to Towie Primary School

Towie School is situated amongst the rolling hills of Donside, some 13 miles from Alford, the nearest large centre of population. The School’s catchment extends for a radius of approximately 10 miles, serving the population of outlying glens as well as the hamlet of Glenkindie. There has been a school on the present site for about 130 years. Until the 1960s, Towie School was a junior secondary. As well as three classrooms, the school has a large general purpose room (GP room) used for PE, Drama and other activities. We are fortunate too in having a separate dining room, kitchen and our own cook.

Towie School provides education for children aged 3 – 12 i.e. from ante-pre school nursery – P7.

Towie Primary School has 2 full time teaching staff and a nursery teacher and nursery nurse who work mornings only. The Head Teacher is class committed. Specialist teachers help with the delivery of ICT, Music, Modern languages and Physical Education. We also have visiting specialists who provide support for learners one day each per week. The school also works closely with a range of other support agencies and volunteers in order to provide the best possible experience for children with additional support needs.

Our Active Schools Coordinator provides a range of additional active and sporting activities for the children.

The staff are supported by 1 school administrator, 1 clerical assistant, 2 Pupil Support Assistants, 1 School Cook, 1 Cleaner and a part time Janitor.

On leaving Towie Primary School the pupils transfer to Alford Academy, Towie School is part of the Alford Community Schools’ Network and works closely with the other schools in the Network.

Community links are a valued part of school life. The school has a very supportive Parent Council who support school improvement activities and raise additional funds to provide many extras for the pupils in the school.

Devolved budgets are managed in accordance with authority guidelines in order to support planned improvements in the school.